About GENN

Globalisation is in reality a system of living, developing and extending networks, connecting global hubs across continents.

We live and work in a global economy. Whatever the challenges it faces, the growth of globalisation benefits everyone.

That is why we founded Global Economic Neural Networks – GENN – a campaign to examine ways to expand and improve the links between global hubs – places like Singapore, UAE and Hong Kong, as well as the old guard of London and New York – to create prosperity for all. GENN recognises and builds on new GENNeration diverse and robust supply chains, new GENNeration trade superhighways and new GENNeration economies connecting the world’s global nodes and critical hubs in living ecosystems that accelerate global growth.

We will be looking at the common features that define those places, the model that they offer for others, and how they can become even more innovative and dynamic while helping the world to recover from the impact of Covid-19.

We would welcome your support.


Shanker A Singham

Shanker A Singham, photography by Craig Sugden

Shanker A Singham is the Chairman of the Global Economic Neural Network (GENN).  He is one of the world’s leading trade and competition policy experts. Shanker is also CEO of Competere, a company focused on promoting international trade and competition policy throughout the world, and an IEA Academic Fellow in the areas of trade and competition.  He has advised businesses and governments on a raft of international trade and competition policy issues.  In the last three years, he has provided advice to the UK government, industry and media on the Brexit negotiations.  He is one of the few people to have been an advisor to the both the UK and US governments on trade issues. As the former Director of the Competition and Enterprise Cities Project at Babson Global, the US’ No.1 entrepreneurship school, he developed a project to develop and enhance cities, emerging special economic zones and nodes around the world. He is an advisor to Technical University Munich’s project on Global Nodes and Trade Superhighways. Shanker is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, DC, the advisory Board of Wilton Park, the UK Foreign Office’s think tank, and is a Bretton Woods Committee member.